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During Dr. khemissi visit to the president of University of Algeria 3



During his visit to the president of University of Algeria 3

Dr. Hamidi pointed out the increasing willingness of the Maghreb region universities to be as members of AArU



In fact, the University of Algeria 3 considered as one of the major universities in Algeria.  Pleasurably, Dr. Hamidi announced that the University of Algeria 3 is planning to be a member of AArU in the near future, because of the importance of AArU role in the higher education progress in Arab countries.  


Subsequently, Dr. Mezraq applauded his concern of consolidating the Arabic work in the Academic field. Where, this can be reached by the unification of the Arab universities work under the AArU umbrella. Moreover, he mentioned the great efforts of AArU for improving the Academic process in all of its aspects. 


Furthermore, Dr. Hamidi presented the most important AArU projects, where these projects are implemented with a set of Arabic and International institutions and organizations. In details, he mentioned the following AArU projects. First, the Arab University Ranking and Classification Project, which will be lunched at the end of 2021 in cooperation between Arab league, Arab League Educational, Culture and Scientific Organization (ALESCO), and AArU. Second, the Arab Journals Platform project that is implemented in cooperation with Elsevier the owner of Scopus. Third, the Arab Impact Factor project, which concerned on classifying the Arabic journals according to professional quantitative and qualitative selection criteria.  In addition, he mentioned many projects those are in progress within the AArU Strategic Plan 2020-2030, where these projects will show the Arabic contents to the worldwide. One more, these projects will improve and support the efficiency of the Arabic language for both native speakers and others.  











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