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Recommendations of the Workshop “Future of Arab Media in View of Modern Changes”



The workshop on Future of Arab Media in View of Modern Changes, convened in Cairo with Jordan and Arab participants in attendance, recommended a new study plan for the BA degree which would enable the students to integrate cultural and intellectual training for media students on one hand and professional training, so that the focus is on interdisciplinary studies.

The Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities, Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi Al Adwan, who participated in the workshop organized by the Arab Media Faculties Association in cooperation with the Association of Arab Universities and the Arab Higher Studies Council at Cairo University, said that the recommendations also included the development of graduate studies, linking them to a credit hour system, and making training courses for support faculty members a requirement for promotion.

The committee moreover recommended summer training for students at press and media institutions under the supervision of the support faculty members, and making this training a pre-requisite for graduation.

Dr. Abu Orabi added that the workshop called on media students in the Arab World to focus on Arab issues in their graduation projects, specifically on Jerusalem and national security in the year 2017 / 2018, in addition to organizing a festival for graduation projects of media faculties at the Arab universities, signing memoranda of understanding with media institutions regarding student training, and recruiting experts to train at media faculties.​










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